Employability Services

Sefton EBP work closely with the schools and colleges in Sefton to provide lots of opportunities for you to think about your future working life.

You can meet local employers through our Work Experience programme, as well as activities such as ‘Meet the Professionals’, workplace visits and our employability interview programme. We also run Finance sessions in school to help you to manage your money.

Employability interviews are an excellent way to practice your interview techniques for that all important interview for college, university or a job. Sefton EBP invites local employers into your school or college to carry out a ‘practice’ interview so you can get practical feedback for when you have to do it for real!

You will have the opportunity to complete a ‘practice’ application form beforehand, and then meet with an employer who will carry out a short interview with you.

Don’t worry – even though they will make the experience realistic,the employers are there to help you - they will give you constructive feedback and hints and tips on how you can improve on your application form and your interview skills. All really useful for when you apply for further study, a traineeship, an apprenticeship or your first full or part time job!

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